Travel Photographer of The Year:

  • 2013: Special Mention (Best Single Image in a Portfolio, Wild Planet Category): “The Great Grey Owl”. The awarded photograph was showcased in the Winner’s exhibition at the Royal Geographical Society, London, UK, in July-August 2013.
great grey owl, lapland owl, phantom of the north

The Great Grey Owl


International Photography Awards:

  • 2014: Honorable Mention (Special/Travel/Tourism Category): “The Spirit of Jordan” portfolio.
  • 2013: Honorable Mention (Nature: Landscapes Category): “Kirkjufellsfoss”.
  • 2013: Honorable Mention (Nature: Landscapes Category): “Clouds”.
  • 2013: Honorable Mention (Fine Art: Landscapes Category): “Clouds”.
  • 2013: Honorable Mention (Special: Night Photography): “Acqua Alta”.
  • 2013: Honorable Mention (Architecture: Historic): “Monteriggioni Revisited”.
al khazneh, the treasury, petra, jordan, by night

Petra by Night, Jordan. From the ” The Spirit of Jordan” portfolio.


IPA’s One Shot Competition:

  • 2014: Honorable Mention (One Shot: One World): “The Old Man and The Sea”.
  • 2013: Honorable Mention (One Shot: Spaces): “Azure”.

Black & White Spider Awards:

  • 2014: Nominated (Fine Art Category): “Curves”.
  • 2013: Nominated (Wildlife): “The Phantom of the North”.

iPhone Photography Awards:

  • 2013: Second Place (Travel Category): “Piazza del Campo, Siena”.





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